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Volunteering in Kapeska?


Our community welcomes individuals from around the world to our lively hub of activity. We are one big family with relationships based on respect and understanding. 


We encourage a volunteering programme which promotes a flexible structure. There is no strict schedule and we don’t plan your timetable for you. It is really up to you what you become involved with when you reach us, depending on your skills and particular interests. In general, the more you put into your time as a volunteer, the more you will get out of it.


We love hosting volunteers! We would love to know about your talents and what you can bring to our community.  It could be something creative or more practical; your role is dependent on your skills and interests. You are free to make what you want of this experience! We are looking for people that are proactive, self-motivated, enthusiastic, realistic and happy to muck in whenever needed.

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Location & Accommodation

If you want to really find out what life is like in Malawi, living in a small village with local people is the way to do it.  You’ll soon understand the benefits of living within a close community, as well as the challenges that face those living in poverty. 


The volunteer's house is in Malaza village, next to Julius’ house. The accommodation is very basic but comfortable, with electricity, water, a shower and a flush toilet. An evening meal is provided and other meals are by separate arrangement. The cost will be very low if you are eating locally or with Julius and his family.

The beautiful Lakeside is a stone's throw away from our project, here you can meet other travellers and volunteers. Take a walk further along the shore and you will find lodges offering horse riding, scuba diving, SUP and cafes. Lake Malawi is one of the largest lakes in Africa and indeed the world. It is truly breathtaking!

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If you would like to take advantage of our free on-site accommodation we ask for you to be present on the project for at least 20 hours per week, for a minimum of 2 weeks. Special arrangements can be made with volunteers living off-site or planning to stay 3 months or more. While on-site you will be guided by Julius Banda, our Headteacher, Project Manager and Malawi Wawi Founder.

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Social Enterprise

Our funky wax print garments are produced by local tailors on a fair living wage! Join our dedicated team in assisting with design, marketing or distribution. 

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Community Center

Here you will find a wide range of workshops, from environmental studies to sports teams and performing arts; everyone is welcome in this safe space.

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Stocking the kitchens and educating our young gardeners, mother earth rules. There's always work to be found, we need fresh green-thumb outdoor pioneers to help steer our mission here. 

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Primary School

While we do not offer teaching positions, our children love to get involved in extracurricular activities and even homework clubs!

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If you can build a table or hang a shelf you’ll never be short of a job around here! For the builders and engineers amongst you, there are ongoing borehole and classroom building projects.

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Kitchen & Food

Nutritious lunches are cooked and served in the Malawi Wawi grounds; happy tummies are a key ingredient for strength and growth in all areas of our community. 

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