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Social Enterprise

Our funky wax print garments are produced by local tailors on a fair living wage! Join our dedicated team in assisting with design, marketing or distribution. 

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Community Center

Here you will find a wide range of workshops, from environmental studies to sports teams and performing arts; everyone is welcome in this safe space.

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Stocking the kitchens and educating our young gardeners, mother earth rules. There's always work to be found, we need fresh green-thumb outdoor pioneers to help steer our mission here. 

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Primary School

While we do not offer teaching positions, our children love to get involved in extracurricular activities and even homework clubs!

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If you can build a table or hang a shelf you’ll never be short of a job around here! For the builders and engineers amongst you, there are ongoing borehole and classroom building projects.

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Kitchen & Food

Nutritious lunches are cooked and served in the Malawi Wawi grounds; happy tummies are a key ingredient for strength and growth in all areas of our community. 

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