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  • Ilene Ramsay

Wash Stations will keep our community safe

Malawi Wawi charity has raised public awareness and helped to prevent the spread of Covid 19 among vulnerable Kapeska villagers.

Many rural communities in Malawi’s northern region have very limited access to electricity, so have relied on word of mouth for information about the global pandemic.

Project manager Julius Banda co-ordinated the distribution of 2000 information leaflets and soap packs by volunteers which reached 450 households.

“As well as distributing leaflets, we were able to talk with villagers face to face, explaining in detail the information about covering the mouth when sneezing and coughing,” he said

“We also talked about the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing and gave practical advice about washing masks and maintaining social distance from those living in other households.

“It was good to see how every household received the news with so much interest and got involved in discussions. Some became very emotional after receiving the kits and even valued a kit as blessings from God.”

Currently, in Malawi there are a total of 1,742 confirmed cases and 19 deaths of Coronavirus confirmed in all 28 districts but none, so far, in Kapeska. In a country like Malawi, where only 20 people a day can be tested for the virus and 1 in 10 suffer from HIV, we will never know the true coronavirus death toll.

“I believe we took action at the right time,” said Julius

“Many people had this concept that the virus could only put at risk those with underlying health conditions.

“Others believed Covid 19 to be a women’s and weak men’s disease. These responses show how misinformed villagers were about the virus, so I am certain our work helped to minimise or even keep Coronavirus at bay.

“People die because of lack of knowledge so our volunteers were able to change the mind-set of the people of Kapeska which resulted in saving lives.

“Every time I visit the village, people want to know more about the virus and how to prevent it. Right now, people need buckets to wash their hands after going to work, the shops, after they have been to the toilet or sneezing,” he said.

Help us provide wash stations for our community. A £10 donation will provide 1 wash station. Children will be returning to school and our community cannot afford to stop working. They need to be kept safe. Donate Here.


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