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Kapeska: an empowered community creating their own sustainable future. 

It is our mission to increase community resilience, stop reliance upon the aid and disrupt the poverty cycle through sustainable community-led projects. 

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We are working hand in hand with the community of Kapeska, in the Nkhata Bay district of Malawi, to create a centre for social, educational and economic empowerment, leading to self-sufficiency. 




Our community centre model tackles the barriers to development faced by a rural Malawian community, through the provision of education, clean water, food security, sanitation and healthcare. It gives residents the opportunity to improve their livelihoods.  




Community engagement is the driving force of our organisation; they are our primary stakeholders. We believe that community participation in all stages of project development promotes simple yet innovative solutions that are not reliant on inappropriate technology or large amounts of funding. 


Of the population live in poverty


of the country is employed in agriculture


Of girls are married before the age of 18


Do not have access to electricity


Do not have access to electricity

1 in 10 adults live with HIV/AIDS

1 in 4 children is involved in child labour

During this global health crisis, we are urgently expanding our work to provide vital resources, allowing our community to protect themselves and their families.


We’re distributing public health information to raise awareness about Covid-19, along with kits containing masks and soap.

 How do we fund it? Through our partnerships, donations  and….

Social Enterprise

Malawi Wawi: the fair trade fashion brand.

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